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Matica card printers and embossers


XID8300 and laminator

XID8300 single side/double side retransfer printer with laminators

Superior performance for highly secure id card applications

especially for contact and contactless smart cards

edgeless printing

the best solution for issuing access control ID badge cards

used in many government departments

support optional laminator module for lamination with optional hologram patch or overlay ribbon for highest security feature




Matica Espresso Printer

The Espresso is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer, that is a brainchild of Italian design & engineering and reflects German reliability in consistent performance. It offers its users great value and versatility with superior print speed and outstanding print quality. With its robust and durable construction, the Espresso looks and works great in any office or card production environment.


Matica Moca Printer

The Moca printer is the little brother of the Espresso Direct to Card ID Printer. The Moca offers great value and versatility with high printing speed and superior print quality. Designed as a robust and durable machine, the Moca will provide reliable service in any office. The bright white housing represents elegant Italian design. As a member of Maticas Secure ID Printer portfolio, the Moca printer can be equipped with a magnetic stripe encoder and an optional WiFi connection module. The standard setup comes with the input hopper and output tray at the front for convenient over-the-counter operations. To enable higher card output, the optional rear output hopper can be attached to the back side of the printer.

Matica M1000

Matica smart card printer M1000/M1200 Single/Dual Sided Printer(obsoleted)

Affordable - High Quality Print - Easy to Use

The M1100 and M1200 card printers are ideal for average volume single and dual-side card printing applications. They enable creation, personalization and printing of color and mono-color cards.

M1100 Single-Side Printer (previously called Chica Plus)
M1200 Dual-Side Printer
(previously called Chica Plus Duplex)

Matica M3000

Matica smart card printer M3300/M3400 Single/Dual Sided Retransfer Printer(obsoleted)

Fantastic Print - Durable - Effective Connectivity

The M3300 and M3400 card printers and encoders drive your application into an exclusive professional category. They can easily integrate any network environment with efficiency to distribute and to manage your most complex printing jobs.

M3300 Single-Side Printer
M3400 Dual-Side Printer

Matica M4000

Matica smart card printer M4300/M4400 Single/Dual Sided Retransfer Printer with laminator (obsoleted)

High-Grade Print - Robust Integrity - Functional Excellence

M4300 and M4400 card printers combine single-side or dual-side color printing together with lamination. They run retransfer technology to print your cards over the edges.

M4300 Single-Side Printer
M4400 Dual-Side Printer

Matica Embosser Z3e

Matica embosser Z3e (obsoleted)

Credit Card Identification

The Matica Z3e Card Issuance System is an ideal solution for issuing medium/large volumes of credit cards in medium or decentralized production environments as well as membership & loyalty cards, hotel & leisure cards, etc.

The Z3e Card Issuance System is the highly expandable and most cost efficient electronic card embosser available.

It has optional topping module and it can be further added dual wheels and additional characters set fonts, magnetic and smart cards encoders when there is a need for it.

Matica Embosser Z1

Matica embosser Z1 (obsoleted)

Patient Card Identification

The Matica Z1 Card Issuance System is an ideal solution for issuing low volumes of patient cards in smaller/medium or decentralized hospital environments as well as membership & loyalty cards, hotel & leisure cards, etc. The Z1 Card Issuance System is the smallest and most cost efficient electronic card embosser available.

Matica Embosser Z3

Matica embosser Z3 (obsoleted)

Low Volume or Instant Card Issuance

The Z3 is a compact and flexible solution for financial institutions, smaller service bureaus, retail organizations, etc. seeking a cost-efficient product to meet their low volume or instant card issuance requirements.

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