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Tattoo Rewrite


The monochrome card printer for rewritable plastic cards

Compact and easy to use, Tattoo Rewrite allows you to print and erase the same card up to 500 times!

The ideal solution to issue rewritable cards:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Visitors badges
  • Public transport passes
  • Clubs / Association cards
  • School / University cards
  • Healthcare cards

Flexibility and cost-efficiency

Thanks to the fast erase/print cycles, cards are customized on demand. Add new data in a snap and design a brand new card. As there are no consumables, that is environmentally friendly too!

Main specifications:

  • Single-sided printing
  • Rewritable Technology (up to 500 times)
  • Monochrome Erase
  • Print cycle : 8 seconds
  • Encoding options : magnetic stripes, contactless smart cards
  • Windows XP, 2000 and NT4 compatible
  • 1 Year warranty

Advantages of the Tattoo Rewrite printer:

Versatile and talented

With Tattoo ReWrite, you can personalize 0.25 to 0.76 mm (10 to 30 mil) badges with logos and superior-quality images.


Tattoo Rewrite ergonomics ease operators tasks : installation, use or maintenance.

Powerful card handling

With an automatic or manual feeding mode, Tattoo Rewrite fits your needs, may their be for issuing small runs of cards or over-the-counter operation. More over, its card feeder keeps your cards away from dust.

Clever and cost-effective

Tattoo ReWrite is a cost-effective and environment-friendly solution : you can print and erase the same card up to 500 times without using ribbons.

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