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                                              We are now a registered supplier for the Hong Kong SAR government. Supplier ID no.: 1062160.
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Welcome to the Smartcard Systems Website!

We supply membership card, PVC card, smart card, access control card, color card printers!

evolis Pebble4 Dualys3 Tattoo Rewrite Securion Quantum Quantum2

Smartcard Systems Limited is a company with headquarter based in Hong Kong.

Our business :


1. We are general distributor of the NISCA card printer (PR-C101, PR-C201, PR-C151, PR-L151 laminator) in Hong Kong.We supply also color ribbon and related accessories and consumables.

2. We supply also other different color card printers:

- Matica/Digital Identification card issuing systems including single or dual sided color card printer (XID8300, XID9300, Moca & Espresso), LCP laser engraver system, Passport printer and embosser(Z3e, Metal Plate Embosser, S3000 series, S3500 and S5000 series ),

- French made Evolis ID badge card color printers (Pebble4, Primacy, Zenius, Securion, Quantum color card printer ), and Evolis full range of card printers including Avansia retransfer color card printer, Zenius single side color card printer, Primacy single and dual sided color card printer,  Pebble4 single side color card printer, Dualys3 dual sided color card printer, Securion high security color card printer with hologram lamination, Tattoo rewrite card printer, and Quantum2 high volume printing color card printer and many different types of printing ribbon.   --- made in France

- Magicard card printer (Pronto, Enduro, Rio Pro, Rio Pro Xtended, Prima 4e) --- made in UK


3. We sell also other brand card printers consumables - color ribbons, cleaning kits,etc. such as NISCA PR-C101 color card printer and PR-5350 card printer, Matica/Digital Identification card issuing systems(including XID8300 and XID9300 series card printer), Magicard card printers, Fargo card printers (e.g. HDP5000 single and dual sided color card printer), Datacard  card printers, Fargo, Datacard, Zebra, I & A card printers.

4. We produce and resell PVC blank white cards with different thickness

5. Production and personalization printing of membership cards and staff badge cards


6. We sell also various card printers related hardware and software systems, etc.

7. We supply also card printing software such as CardExchange, Cardpresso, eMedia, Nfive Cardfive, etc.

8. We sell also card readers from Identive


9. We provide maintenance/repair service for ALL NEW and old model card printer includes Dualys2, Dualys, Pebble3, New Pebble, Tattoo, Tattoo2, Quantum printers, etc.

10. Personalization and printing of PVC / ID badge / staff access control contact and contactless smart cards

11. Consultant for supply of card printer related machines, e.g. Camera, Webcam, computers, database servers, Rewinder machine for ribbons



The following industries are using our card printers:

A) Estate management - access control and residential ID cards

B) Tuition centre student card

C) Fitness club card

D) Canteen meal card

E) Swimming club student card

F) Excise and Custom VIP card

G) Marking teacher authorisation card

H) Smartcard Keylock card

I) Jewelery certificate card

J) Household goods warranty card

K) Construction site entry permission card

L) Hong Kong SAR government departments


There are many other application of the smart cards, card printer and related products.

Please contact us for detail information if you are interested to discuss with us the possibilities of applying our card printers into your office or industries.


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